Field Reports/Reviews

The field reports have been moved to a new searchable database.  You can search by brothel, by lady, by author, by party date, or by field report number if you happen to know it.  When searching the database remember that more is less, if you don't get the search results you want try a shorter search term.   For more search tips click here.

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What is a field report?  A field report is a review of a prostitute's services, normally provided by a customer.  Field reports may also be words of wisdom which the management of this website feel are worthy of special attention.  Field reports should be used with caution.  The information is only as good as the memory, taste, and intentions of the submitter.  To submit a field report/review please send the review in an e-mail to  or you may submit the form located here .

 Please read the following Q&A before submitting your field report.

Q: What do you require when submitting a field report/review?

A: You must include a name to use when publishing the report, this can be an internet posting handle but it must be a name you don't mind seeing associated with a prostitution website.  The report must be from a valid e-mail address as we may need to contact you to verify the report or clarify points in the report.  The field report must contain:

    1)  The working name of the lady being reviewed.

    2)  The brothel where the lady works.

    3)  The date (approximation if the exact date is not known) that the party took place.

Q: What do you suggest be included in a field report/review?

A: You should include a physical description of the lady being reviewed.  You should be as objective and detailed as possible when writing this description, just saying she was "beautiful" doesn't really tell the reader anything.  You should include the time negotiated, the activities performed, and (if possible) the price paid.  Other details that might be helpful to the reader are such things as her attitude (friendly, cold, cuddly, etc.), whether you had a good time or not, and if you would see her again.  Try to think of things you would want to know about her if you were reading the report.

Q: What shouldn't be included in a field report/review?

A:  Do not include any activites which are illegal or against house rules such as bareback sex, drug use, outdates in counties where they aren't allowed, etc.   Do not include any personal information that the provider might have shared with you such as her real name, where she is from, how many kids she has, etc.  Any of these things will be edited out of reports if included.

Once verified and published a field report will not be removed so be certain that you want it on the internet before submitting it.   If a provider or another client does not agree with the report we will allow rebuttals to be added to the page after the report but the report will not be removed.