Field Report on Abby

 Brothel: Bella's Gentlemen's Club

Reporter: Rand McNally
Date Received: June 27, 2014
Date of Party: June 14, 2014

Abby first caught my attention when she posted some naughty pictures in which she exposed herself in public places. Later she told me it excites her to be naked in the presence of oblivious strangers. I began corresponding with Abby. She was very forthcoming in answering my questions, expressing herself clearly and succinctly. I decided I had to meet her.

Abby in person is even prettier than the many nude photos she has posted. In her pictures Abby affects a serious expression, aided by her cute glasses, but in person she favored me with a sweet smile which complements her southern accent. She is petite, perfectly proportioned, and totally natural. Her grooming is impeccable; I am a non-smoker, and I had no Idea Abby smoked until I asked.

Abby advertises that she will do what others won't. When I expressed concern that such a statement might attract sweaty-palmed individuals whose sexual fantasies included blunt instruments and livestock, she explained that she meant she would accommodate low budget customers who had been rejected by her more avaricious co-workers. As a dedicated low budget trick, I was totally satisfied by the financial arrangement we quickly reached.

I was delighted to learn that despite her twenty year old body, Abby is in her forties, that magic age when a woman reaches the full bloom of her sexuality. Abby is dedicated to satisfying her partner--"Would you like this, hon?" she'd softly drawl as she opened her body to me in a particularly inventive manner. But she also delights in being pleasured, and is totally uninhibited. Abby mentioned she has boundaries, but during our time together I never came near them--even though I spent some time searching. I have a cherished memory of Abby astride me, head thrown back, hair disheveled from her exertions, a look of Madonna-like ecstasy on her face as she drove herself toward yet another climax.

This was my initial encounter with Abby. But it only took that single time for me to add her to my short list of special ladies. I have definite plans to visit Abby again...and again...and again.

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