Field Report on Angelina Monroe

 Brothel: Moonlite Bunnyranch

Reporter: EastcoastEnglishman
Date Received: December 21, 2013
Date of Party: December 7, 2013

Pictures available and where: No Response

Ethnic background: European

Tattoos?: Yes, includes tattoo of Playboy bunny on lower back

Piercing?: Yes

Body type?(slender, full-figured, etc.): Tall and athletic

Approximate height : 5'9" to 6 foot

Approximate weight : 111 to 130 lbs

Approximate age: 22 to 28

Hair color?: blonde

Breasts (size, natural, enhanced) : No Response

Pubic hair (full,trimmed, bald): bald

Attitude?: Excellent

Smokes?: No

Drinks? : Occasionally

Party type (time and/or activities) : 2 hours -PSE

Ease of negotiation: Easy

What did you pay?: A steal of a deal, still amazed how reasonable the price was

Activities allowed/disallowed: PSE with 2 girl and kinky party. She gave me everything I asked for and more

Overall experience? : Excellent

Would you repeat? : Absolutely

Would you recommend?: Absolutely

Full comments: Angelina, I am proud to write your first review on SIN.

Angelina first caught my attention in the Fall, in the Newbie section of SIN. We had communicated back and forwards over the last few months and I told her I was planning a trip to Carson City.

I then read a brief review by QTo about Angelina and contacted him immediately. QTo gave me some party quotes that I will not disclose here, but I knew I was up for his challenge. I was also interested as to why he had not written a field report on her.

The next question was would she match my quote and party activities. Would she work on a budget for a humble researcher like me. Well of course, the answer was yes. And it turned out to be so much easier than I even I expected.

The next question after that was the date of our party. I told Angelina, that I was flying to Reno on the 7th and would be ready on the 8th. She was more than keen to meet me and asked me come on the 7th as she had an emergency flight the following day.

As it turned out my flight got in at 8pm and I was at my hotel by 9pm. I then called the BunnyRanch for a pickup at 10.30. With the weather and everything else, I finally got there at 11PM.

So now the negotiations begun. I told her that my budget was tight and to my amazement she gave me 2 hours without any serious long drawn out battering. I was in total amazement. She was just so generous.

So we headed back and she brought in another girl, Vanity.

When you are with Angelina, you hear a beautiful French accent as Angelina is part French and part Swedish; and as we all know France and Sweden have very sexy ladies, many of whom end up in the modeling business. Angelina is not only a model, she is a PLAYBOY model. What could be better than that? Wow, not everybody gets to meet a Playboy model let alone party with one. Yes, Wow, wow, wow is very appropriate here.

A PSE party with Angelina is non stop sex. She has her toys, she has her techniques and she is extremely sexy in bed. She also loves affection and will give you so much in return. She just has to like you and everything will flow after that.

As our allotted time came to an end she asked me if I wanted to go on all night. She had a flight first thing AM and even I realized that as much as I wanted to continue, my energy needed to be conserved for the next party.

What a night to remember.

Angelina, I will be back for you. You are one of the most beautiful women anyone could be with and I loved your generosity and kindness

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