Field Report on Abby

 Brothel: Bella's Gentlemen's Club

Reporter: Shooter
Date Received: July 14, 2013
Date of Party: July 13, 2013

I made good time on my drive to Elko so I thought I would stop and meet Abby.  She had recently posted on the board. A guy had already called for a line up so I did not have long to wait. Five ladies came out, he picked Lacy and I asked to talk with Abby.  5' 5" and she says a 30C, natural and firm.  She must weigh about 100#.  I talked with her for a while and made the decision to go back.  I asked for her rules and she basically had none that would stop me from having a party.  So I made her an offer and she accepted, way too easy but I was happy with it.  We got naked, started kissing and the passion grew from there.  Her BJ is just exactly what I like, slow and up and down the entire shaft. I mean she never took it out of her mouth. Two position sex cowgirl and standing missionary then she finished me with yet more of the terrific BJ skills.  I do want to talk about her passion during the party.  I have had real life girlfriends that could not even come close to hers.  Well worth the stop and on my redo list.

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