Field Report on Wendy and Linda

 Brothel: Inez's D&D

Reporter: SouthernManInBlack
Date Received: June 1, 2013
Date of Party: June 1, 2013

Pictures available and where: Close approximation (pictures are not of real girl)

Pictures accurate?: Very close

Ethnic background: Asian

Tattoos?: Wendy - Did not notice any .... Linda - Lower Back

Piercing?: Don't know

Body type?(slender, full-figured, etc.): Slender

Approximate height : 5' 3" to 5'6"

Approximate weight : 111 to 130 lbs

Approximate age: Don't know

Hair color?: Brunette

Breasts (size, natural, enhanced) : Linda - enhanced 36d ..... Wendy - D possible enhanced

Pubic hair (full,trimmed, bald): Trimmed

Attitude?: Linda - Friendly .... Wendy - Playful

Smokes?: Unknown

Drinks? : Unknown

Party type (time and/or activities) : Linda - 1 hour typical Inez fare Wendy - 30 min typical Inez BJ, Missionary, cowgirl,reverse cowgirl, doggy, table shower, massage

Ease of negotiation: Easy

What did you pay?: Linda - $300, Wendy - $200

Activities allowed/disallowed: No activities were specifically stated as being disallowed, and none were encountered that were asked to be stopped

Overall experience? : Linda - OK .... Wendy - Great

Would you repeat? : Yes

Would you recommend?: Yes

Full comments: Really isn't any negotiation at Inez, they have flat rates for time. I like this better than the southern nevada brothels I have visited, where you are likely to pay 3 to 4 times as much for a girl that will not work nearly as hard.

Pictures on website as very close approximation to the real girl, I believe that names are re-used from girl to girl as Linda stated she had only been working at Inez for just under a year, but there are reports for a Linda from before that. Could have been a lie of course =)

The beds are hit or miss. Linda had a very soft matress with box springs, while Wendy had a nicer room, but her bed was very very stiff. It felt like a 4 inch foam mattress on top of a piece of plywood (it was not bad by any means, but was a surprise after Linda's bed)

I have always had a hard time cumming with a condom, Linda tried very hard (much harder than what you will get from a southern nevada brothel), but could not get anything out of me. Nothing wrong with what she did, I just don't think I was into her, she did an excellent job.

Wendy on the other hand had me going within 15 minutes. She is very playful, started off with sucking on my nipples and running her tongue playfully down my body ending in a BJ. From there it was on to the party, did not get past missionary with her. Afterwards was given a very nice message.

Overall was an excellent experience, not as nice of decor as pahrump brothels I have visited, but not bad either. Girls are not as pushy in negotiations (because of the flat rate obviously), and work much harder (in my opinion). I would not let my experience with Linda be off putting to anyone, she did an excellent job, I just think her style was not able to overcome my issue with condoms.

If I am in the area again, I will definitely return to Inez, I might swing this way on my return trip home.

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