Field Report on Sonja

 Brothel: Dovetail Ranch

Reporter: the badger
Date Received: April 13, 2012
Date of Party: April 7, 2012

My recent hot tub party with sonja at dovetail ranch can be described as second to none. Sonja is a very attractive and very accomodating lady. She will not place alot of limitations or stipulatations on what you can or cannot do, other than those imposed by the house or the state of nevada.

She really enjoys being at the dovetail, I was a little skeptical at first, but what she says on her web page is pretty much the way it is. The only exception is the description of her being a "brickhouse". A better term I think is "white hot". Red or hot just doesn't due her justice.

The hot tub party at dovetail is an outdoor affair with real hot spring water and not chemically treated tap water. You need to call ahead so they can let it cool down some. You can gaze at the moon or the stars if you can keep your eyes off of sonja.

Everything is very reasonable in terms of cost, so next time you are in the elko-carlin, nevada area stop in and see sonja. You won't be disappointed.

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