Field Report on Caressa Kisses

 Brothel: Moonlite Bunnyranch

Reporter: Sportsman
Date Received: December 18, 2011
Date of Party: December 16, 2011

Pictures available and where: 

Pictures accurate?:  yes 

Ethnic background:  European

Tattoos?:  no

Piercing?:  no

Body type?(slender, full-figured, etc.):  busty/slender

Approximate height    :  5' 3" to 5'6"

Approximate weight    :  111 to 130 lbs

Approximate age:  29 to 35

Hair color?:  blonde

Breasts (size, natural, enhanced)    :  enhanced  

Pubic hair (full,trimmed, bald):  bald

Attitude?:  It's Caressa Kisses...legendary great, giving attitude

Smokes?: no

Drinks?    :  likes tea

Party type (time and/or activities)    :  2-girl with tatyanna (  Tatyanna... 25 years old  ,,, busty slender...long blonde hair

Ease of negotiation:  Easy

What did you pay?:  No Response

Activities allowed/disallowed:  oral sex...both on me...they on each other ...  intercourse

Overall experience?    :  above excellent...memorable 

Would you repeat?    :  yes and yes, together or separate

Would you recommend?:  yes...both ladies

Full comments:  Seeing Caressa Kisses again after six years was so special...I have long maintained CK was my favorite working girl and lamented her retirement...,Within a couple days of learning she was back at the MLBR, I planned the trip to the ranch last weekend...I met Tatyanna after the tea  party at the ranch Thursday...She and I spent some  quality time together. Later on Thursday night (Dec. 15), the three  of us were able to get together and we negotiated the party cost and time (Friday Dec 16  at noon).  From the beginning of the party to the end, I was the total focus of the ladies sexual expertise (which is considerable!!!)
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