Field Report on Sonja

 Brothel: Dovetail Ranch

Reporter: Shooter
Date Received: July 18, 2011
Date of Party: July 17, 2011

Pictures available and where:  yes on Dovetail web site (editors note: Sonja also has pictures on her SIN Ladies Page)

Pictures accurate?:  yes

Ethnic background:  European

Tattoos?:  I don;t remember any

Piercing?:  ears

Body type?(slender, full-figured, etc.):  slender

Approximate height    :  5' 3" to 5'6"

Approximate weight    :  91 to 110 lbs

Approximate age:  29 to 35

Hair color?:  blonde

Breasts (size, natural, enhanced)    :  I think they are some D's,natural 

Pubic hair (full,trimmed, bald): bare, bald, zip, nada

Attitude?:  Very fun loving

Smokes?:  don't know

Drinks?    :  I think so

Party type (time and/or activities)    :  30 minute, lets see what we can get done type, Couple of BJ's , lots of DATY, multiple orgasms,kiss, DFK,cuddeling and all that fun stuff

Ease of negotiation:  Easy

What did you pay?:  half what I normally pay

Activities allowed/disallowed:  I got what I wanted plus great sttitude to boot

Overall experience?    :  fantasitc

Would you repeat?    :  YES!!!!!

Would you recommend?:  yes, to all my friends

Full comments:  I was tired from the long drive up and stopped to kill some time before heading to my hotel. So I thought a 30 minute party would be ok, Well it turned into alomst a full hour of full on GFE sex, with a lady that really enjoys sex! A truely great sex party.
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