"Speed Racer's" Driving Directions to Nevada's Legal Brothels

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Hello! I am "Speed Racer", a long-time fan and patron of Nevada's legal bordellos, as well as a self-described "road geek". I've created these pages for the sole purpose of assisting you in locating these establishments, as well as getting to and from them. As such, this guide lists detailed driving directions to, and notes about, the legal brothels of the State of Nevada, along with accurate maps (unlike many of those found at the popular Internet map sites) to assist you. I'm very pleased that my friends, the ol' Cyber Whoremongers here at Sex-In-Nevada, agreed to become the new home of these pages in January 2005. I'd also like to publicly thank everyone over at the now-defunct NV Brothels website for their past hosting of these pages.

The data within these pages are NOT intended to promote any particular establishment featuring LPIN (Legal Prostitution In Nevada) over another, either by inclusion or exclusion. There are many fine LPIN brothels in Nevada, I strive to list all which are currently operating (and a few that are licensed but not presently open). Some are close to the major population centers of Las Vegas and Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe, while others are located in the more remote areas and smaller towns along major highways. There are also links to weather information providers who can supply up-to-the-minute data about road and travel conditions throughout the state and neighboring areas. Finally, I have added information, listed in orange typeface, for known and planned major road construction projects along many of these routes.

I will endeavor to add additional information as time permits on the brothels and areas which currently do not have much data (other than their names and relative locations) lisited on these pages/maps. I also strive to keep the data current, so if you know of a brothel that is no longer open or one that has incorrect or out-of-date information, please let me know. Feedback on, and corrections to, the data presented here are both always appreciated (see this page for contact information).

Index to Nevada's Legal Brothels by Region

Click within a box on the map below, or on the links to the right to proceed to the appropriate regional/local driving directions (brothel name in red indicates a CLOSED house; brothel name in lavender indicates the house's pending closure has been announced (but remains OPEN for business at present); brothel name in orange indicates house is currently LICENSED but is not open for business at present; brothel name in light blue indicates house has a license application PENDING).

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Additional Information

Weather links for Nevada and surrounding areas may be found here.

Information on major Nevada Road Construction Projects may be found here.

A table listing Nevada's Legal Brothels & Locations (by house name) may be found here.

A table listing Nevada's Legal Brothel Websites (by house name) may be found here.

If anyone has corrections, updates, or additions to the information presented here, please feel free to send them directly to me via E-mail at LPINSpeedRacer@yahoo.com or, if you prefer, to any of the principals of this site.

For preemptive legal reasons I must emphasize that "Speed Racer" (along with "Speed Racer LPIN" and "LPIN Speed Racer") is simply my (the author of these pages) anonymous online handle (and aliases). It is in no way related to the popular comic book and/or live action movie character or their copyright holder(s), nor do they have any association to me or to the owners/operators of this website. And I'm already saving money on my automobile insurance, thank you very much.

Furthermore, any opinions expressed within in these driving directions pages are those of myself, as an individual person and their author and editor. They do not necessarily reflect those of anyone else - including (but not limited to) the host website (their owners, principals, affiliates, or their ISP); anyone's employers, employees, sugar daddies, corporate pimps, or any non-individual human (i.e., corporate or legal) entity; or of any of the hosers that hang out here at this website.

Legal notices and contact information can also be found here.

All of the information contained herein is believed to be current as of August 25, 2015.
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